Help Ensure Children Can Attend the Club!

The best way to ensure that children and teens are able to attend the Club after school is by providing safe and reliable transportation. Without Club buses, many children would be unable to participate in the Club’s life-changing programs and likely be forced to go home unsupervised until their parent or guardian is able to return home.

3 Reasons to Give to the Clubs’ Transportation Fund

(1) By supporting the Clubs’ Transportation Fund, you’re ensuring Club buses can continue to pick up children after school to deliver them safely to the Club.

(2) New busses are needed to replace older busses that are near the end of their operational lifespan.

(3) Donations are needed to cover the dramatic increase in fuel and maintenance costs caused by inflation.  The cost to operate the Club buses has far surpassed the typical transportation budget for the Clubs. Additional funding is needed to ensure this vital program can continue uninterrupted.

Ensure All Children Can Participate in Life-Changing Club Programs

Support the Clubs’ Transportation Fund!