Board of Directors

Corporate Officers


Michael Connors

Chairman Elect

Kim Fonseca

Immediate Past Chairman

Thomas M. Kirchhoff


Robert B. Dunkin II


Sylvia S. James

Board of Directors

Bob Bertisch

Brooks O. Bishop

Reid Boren

Scott Bores

Dorothy Bradshaw

Jackie Breckenridge

Juan Cocuy

Edith Di Francesco

Michael Donnell

David S. Donten

Margaret Duriez

Jeff Fiser

Mary F. Freitas

Ted A. Gardner

Judith S. Giuliani

Bari Goldstein

Christopher Harris

Julie Kime

Troy Maschmeyer

H. Woodward Middleton, Jr.

Kevin Moffitt

Michael Mullin, III

Christine Pitts

Thomas C. Quick

Eugene Reilly

Charles A. Schumacher

Vera Serrano

Jay Shearouse

Eddy Taylor

Beth Tilney

Wallace Turner

Lynne Wheat

Keith L. Williams

Margaret A. Zeidman

Unit Board Directors

Dr. Shanteria Dixon

Dr. Colette Brown-Graham

Daniel Guggenheim

Dr. Tomara Mays

Marcella Montesinos

Capt. Emory Payne

Thomas Stanley


Directors for Life / Past Chairmen

William K. Caler, Jr.

Juan Cocuy

Robert B. Dunkin, II

Barkley S. Henderson

John Herring

Hon. Danielle H. Moore

Michael Noto

F. Martin Perry

Lee K. Spencer

Wallace Turner

Joseph A. Vassallo

Dennis Witkowski

Col. Alfred M. Worden

Connect with Us

Do you have questions about the Club? Reach out and connect with us.


800 Northpoint Parkway Suite 204,
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

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