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Embracing a Technological Future

Fueled by America’s fast-paced race to maintain its position as a world leader in 21st Century technology jobs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County is doing its part by providing first-rate Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) programs that are fun, immersive and engaging for elementary, middle and high school students. While learning to code, imitating algorithmic processes and designing original technologies, members gain key social and emotional skills like teamwork, perseverance and the ability to identify and solve problems. Sadly, racial and ethnic minorities face a continued academic achievement gap in STEM subjects, and as a result, are underrepresented in STEM fields. Under-resourced families do not have the financial means to hire private tutors to supplement their children’s education in STEM projects. Fortunately, our Clubs’ STEM program has blossomed and continues to attract and sustain the interest of our members.

Unlike school-based math and science lectures, the Clubs’ STEM programs encourage hands-on, uninhibited participation in STEM-based projects, including robotics, aviation, drone legends flight missions, iFLY experience and Roblox game development. This immersive approach also engages STEM professionals from the local community through corporate partnerships and volunteers who ignite interest in potential STEM careers, motivate academic rigor, boost self-esteem and stimulate improved behavior.





All members have access to technology equipment at all clubs. Technology is used to work on school assignments, conduct research, and participate in STEM and Arts activities. Our teens also complete resumes, apply for college, submit scholarship applications, and prepare for the SAT or ACT, and so much more.

Welcome to computer boot camp, soldier! Are you ready to get started learning the basics of computer operation? Skill Tech I: Basic Training will teach you everything you need to know about computer operation from simply moving the mouse all the way up to animating that winning resume!



These are kits related to STEM and include instructions and all materials to build and experience the engineering process. They provide members with fun, hands-on activities in a safe and simple way. Kits are assembled and operated by our members in groups to promote teamwork and collaboration.

This is a Club Tech hardware and networking skills program. Your mission is as follows: Gather data on what makes computers useful, investigate ways computers communicate, acquire networking capabilities, navigate high-tech career paths, and above all…do not allow the evil Mr. X succeed.



Robotics allows teens explore the advanced technology STEM fields of coding, robotics, drone construction, flight design, and virtual reality. Our teens study different technologies, learn hands-on drone assembly and flight manipulation, and engage in drone competitions. Robotics equipment includes Drones and VEX Robots.

Take digital photos, explore the effects of distance and angle and learning about photo composition. Learn how to use photo-editing software, from completing basic tasks, such as cropping and color to light adjustment. Take on advanced projects that use image filters and layering.


Recording Studio

Several of our clubs feature a sound proofed room for music and video production for our teens. Equipment includes high-capacity digital mixing console, digital stage box, iMacs, microphones, and computer hardware and software. Members create their own lyrical passages and build custom instrumental backing tracks using software.

Learn artistic concepts and technology skills that allow youth to create professional-quality print materials and animation. Develop logos, posters and more.


Digital Media Studio

Several of our clubs feature a full portrait and product photography studio for our teens. The Digital Media Studios are equipped with digital cameras, video cameras, lighting, green screen, photo printer and iMacs with software. Members receive expert instruction in digital photography, image editing, digital printing, graphic design, and video and multi-media production.

Learn how to create simple Web sites, then advance to building more robust sites with page links, graphics, text and sound, while learning important design lessons along the way.



Several of our clubs feature a Makerspace for our teens.  This is an area for experiential learning where teens can learn how to design and assemble new products built on the creative use of art, science, and engineering. They can explore and use tools that have become associated with manufacturing and essential job skills for workforce readiness.

Explore the world of digital video software and basic screenplay writing. Learn to mix in musical loops and photos and create original short movies.

Competitions & Challenges

Through the Engineering Design Challenge (EDC), Club kids use their creativity, curiosity, and analytical thinking to solve problems, experience authentic learning, and develop valuable skills. They participate in rigorous and engaging team projects that help shape the future of the engineering workforce and NASA.

During the Crew Exploration Vehicle EDC, kids create a model for a new space vehicle that can carry two astronauts safely during a drop test. At the conclusion of the challenge, they create a team video articulating the steps taken in the EDP.

ImageMakers National Photography Contest – Club members can take part in the ImageMakers photography contest that enables them to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through visual arts. The contest has three categories:

1. Culture and Tradition: Depicting the events, activities, stories and social gatherings that make up our world, these photographs might show the daily life of a family, or the traditions and emerging trends that define a group.

2. Surroundings: These photographs depict our physical surroundings, whether it’s natural beauty or the streets .

3. Portraits: Portraits are a representation of a person or people in which the facial expression is predominant, providing insight into personality, mood and style.

• Local Contest (March 1, 2019) – Club members ages 6-18 can participate in the photography contest. The first place winners in the three categories and four age groups are sent on to the regional competitions.

• Regional Contest (April – May) – Local Clubs submit photographs and competitions are conducted in six regional locations in May and June. First place photographs go to the national contest.

• National Contest (June – July) – The top photographs in each of four age groups and five categories are selected as national winners. Each national winner’s picture is displayed on the virtual gallery.

What is Zero Robotics?
The Zero Robotics Middle School Summer Program is a computer programming competition for middle school students where they learn to control satellites aboard the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION during the summer. A five-week STEM curriculum introduces students to computer programming, robotics, and space engineering, and provides hands-on experience programming SPHERES (Synchronized, Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites). The program culminates in a tournament where winning teams’ SPHERES compete aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Middle school participants get the chance to see the SPHERES operate in space via a live feed from the ISS while NASA astronauts provide real-time commentary.



The Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County has provided a wide variety of nationally recognized and impact driven programs throughout the years and partners with numerous other service providers, such as the Palm Beach County Health Department, Literacy Coalition, local universities, and many others to enhance the learning opportunities of the youth served.

To become a partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County and support our technology programs, please contact Dennis Young at or (561) 683-3287.

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