Hunger Action Month Making a Difference

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GL Homes Sr Director of Community Relations with Ex Club Director Candace Burrs and Club members marking Hunger Action Month.

September is Hunger Action Month and with the support of GL Homes, Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County continues to spread awareness of the pervasive hunger problem in South Florida. Currently, nearly 53,000 children in Palm Beach County do not have enough food daily, making the Clubs’ Hunger Relief Programs a critical part of Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County’s pandemic recovery plan. To mark the month, GL Homes made a $16,000 donation to support the hunger programs at the Delray Beach and Boca Raton Clubs for the entire month.

“At the start of the pandemic, there was naturally a lot of attention given to the efforts to help families struggling economically. Unfortunately, as the impacts of the pandemic linger, that need has not diminished. It is easy to lose sight of the fact the families the Clubs serve still suffer from food insecurity and require our help,” said Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County’s Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Marketing Eric Roby. “Without our hunger relief programs, 95% of our Club families would struggle even more since they live at or below the poverty line. We thank GL Homes for their generous donation to allow the Clubs to continue their important mission of battling hunger in our neighborhoods.”

This year Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County will hand out more than 675,000 healthy snacks and hot meals. During school days, the Clubs provide a snack and dinner, and during non-school days breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. The Hunger Relief programs have always been important for the Clubs to maintain because a child can not concentrate on succeeding if they can only think about being hungry. Unfortunately, for the communities the Clubs serve, economic recovery from the pandemic has been slow, and the need has not decreased while attention to the hunger issue declines.

“It is important for GL Homes to do whatever we can to ensure that all children have enough to eat. That is why we are sending a message by supporting Hunger Action Month and supplying the needed funds for all of the meals and snacks at the Boca Raton and Delray Beach Clubs for this month,” said GL Homes Senior Director of Community Relations Sarah Alsofrom.

With their generous donation, GL Homes is challenging others to donate to help Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County continue their Hunger Relief programs. If you would like to donate, click on the button below.


Boca Raton Club members give a thumbs up to GL Homes’ support of Hunger Action Month by standing next to the poster announcing the month-long sponsorship.
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