Celebrating COVID-19 Relief Heroes

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Since the start of the COVID-19 response, our staff at Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County has been on the frontlines to ensure that all Club families have the food that they need to stay healthy and the support to stay emotionally strong. It has been a difficult task. Our employees now handout more than 31,000 free meals a week, 1100 loads of weekly groceries to Club families and help children and parents through our new virtual Club called Boys & Girls Clubs at Home.

The work is tough. The conditions are difficult. The hours are long. Despite these challenges, our staff has risen to the challenge by doing whatever it takes. All of our employees are doing extra to help, but there are a select few that have gone above and beyond. They are the heart and soul of their Club and they are true heroes. In fact, we call them our COVID-19 Relief Heroes! Below learn more about them and why they deserve A BIG THANK YOU!

Zetta Davis of Glade View Boys & Girls Club– Deserves the honor of COVID-19 Relief Hero because of her ingenuity. She took action when she saw the staff needed masks for protection. 95% of all masks handed out at Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County is due in part because of her efforts.

Cheryl Hollins of Florence De George Boys & Girls Club- Ms. Hollins always does a great job of helping her Club and her community. She is a steady source of strength for both, and she is a true COVID-19 Relief Hero.

Latricia Jenkins of Marjorie S. Fisher Boys & Girls Club- Ms. Jenkins is better known as Ms. DoItAll! Her passion and love for her Club and community are evident in everything she tackles. She has a true gift for training others, making her a special COVID-19 Relief Hero.

Maria Jimenez of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boca Raton- Maria is a Super Boys & Girls Club Women. She’s always flying around to each Club delivering, helping, and assisting other directors. She is a true COVID-19 Relief Hero.

Christine Martin of Administration- Christine took on the task of managing our Farm to Family program. She’s responsible for much of the amazing produce and dry goods provided to our Club Families for free. She’s up before the sun rises and doesn’t quit until late at night, working to make sure none of our families go to bed hungry. That makes her a COVID-19 Hero.

Nikki Medley of Gove Boys & Girls Club- Nikki has championed our food distribution in the Glades. She created a system to ensure all staff is productive, and food bags are prepped and ready for our members. By going above and beyond, Nikki is a COVID-19 Hero.

Christian Newsome of Max M. Fisher Boys & Girls Club- Christian is always a team player and is ready to assist with any project. His efforts to help Club families is invaluable, making him a COVID-19 Relief Hero.

Latisha Paul of Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach- Latisha conquers any new challenges. She always surpasses expectations to ensure the Clubs are prepared for not only the Grab and Go Meals, but also the Farm to Family program, making her a COVID-19 Hero.

Erik Rose of Neil S. Hirsh Family Boys & Girls Club- Eric Rose is a tremendous help with the Farm to Family program by helping to load all the trucks every Friday so that the fresh produce from local farms can be shipped directly to our Clubs. Erik’s hard work and diligence during this time of need makes him a COVID-19 Relief Hero.

Casandra Tanenbaum of 21stCCLC- Casandra is a fireball of energy and never scared to take on a nearly impossible task. She took on the herculean task of creating our virtual Club called Boys & Girls Clubs at Home in record time. She’s spent many sleepless nights creating computer code for a new website while spearheading engaging content for our Club kids. She is a COVID-19 Hero.



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