Board of Directors

Our Corporate Board of Directors gives their time and hearts to help make a difference in the lives of the children in Palm Beach County.

Corporate Officers

Robert B. Dunkin, II
Chairman Elect
Thomas M. Kirchhoff
Immediate Past Chairman
Hon. Danielle H. Moore
Kim E. Fonseca
Sylvia S. James

Board of Directors

Bob Bertisch

Brooks O. Bishop

Reid Boren

Jackie Breckenridge

Michael Connors

Pamela Dean

Michael Donnell

David S. Donten

Edward F. Dunn

Margaret Duriez

Jeff Fiser

Mary F. Freitas

Ted A. Gardner

Judith S. Giuliani

Bari Goldstein

Lauren Johnson

Julie Kime

Troy Maschmeyer

H. Woodward Middleton, Jr.

Michael Mullin, III

Christine Pitts

Thomas C. Quick

Charles A. Schumacher

Jay Shearouse

Charles Sieving

Eddy Taylor

Wallace Turner

Keith L. Williams

Margaret A. Zeidman

Unit Board Directors

John Backer

Timothy Bryant

Louis Eisenberg

Jim Spafford

Josh Renick

Directors For Life / Past Chairmen

William K. Caler, Jr.

Juan Cocuy

Barkley S. Henderson

John Herring

Michael Noto

F. Martin Perry

Lee K. Spencer

Wallace Turner

Joseph A. Vassallo

Dennis Witkowski

Col. Alfred M. Worden