Supporting healthy families.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County - Programs, ParentsHealthy families are the foundation of a healthy society and operate as part of a total system. Children cannot be viewed as separate from their families, nor can families be viewed separately from their communities, cultural heritage, or society at large.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County believes in providing the parents, guardians and the communities we serve with opportunities to become stronger, better and more resilient. The Club provides numerous activities to assist its families and be a good neighbor by providing programs such as club family education and fun nights, community-wide programs such as our  Day for Kids, Thanksgiving Dinners, Holiday Parties, health fairs, housing fairs and more.

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Parent Testimonials

“My two girls attend an elementary school in Boynton Beach.  I’m a single mom and my shift ends at 6pm which is the same time all of the aftercare centers I know of close. I found out 3 days before school started my shift request was denied. I was devastated and thought I had no choice but to let my two daughters become latch key kids. This meant they would walk a quarter mile from the bus stop to our apartment and stay home alone for 4.5 hours until I got home from work. I shared this news with a coworker who suggested I call the Boys & Girls Club in Delray. I spoke with Mr. Anthony and cried tears of relief when he said they are open until 8pm and will even pick up the girls from school for a small fee!

Since the girls became members, they have taken advantage of all the programs available to them: swimming, soccer, field trips to a fancy restaurant not to mention the library and game room. The staff I’ve met: Ms. Mary, Mr. Anthony, Ms. Angie and Coach Jackie have been so amazing. They are supportive and encouraging of my girls. My 7 year old who never showed an interest in sports has excelled in soccer and swimming. While my 10 year old has the time to do her homework and get the help she needs. They both take great pride in their “jobs” assigned to them.

I am so appreciative of the Boys and Girls Club for what they have brought to my family: Safety, peace of mind and a supportive, encouraging environment. Thank you so much!”

– Pamelina

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Team at the Boys & Girls club of Wellington for their outstanding effort and success with my Son Oliver. Oliver has struggled with ADHD and other mood disorders for several years now, which has resulted in him having a great deal of separation anxiety and low self-esteem. It has always been a struggle to get Oliver involved in any program that I am not present for. We have persevered through the difficult times and the staff have always treated him with compassion during many tearful moments. Recently, on one of those tearful days, Miss Kenda introduced Oliver to the Art room and Mr. Wilson. Not only did Oliver connect instantly with Mr Wilson but has also shown amazing talent and interest in art. Mr. Wilson has done a tremendous job teaching Oliver about the special gift and talent that he has. This is huge to a child who struggles to cope with day to day functions that most of us take for granted. He has gone from being a child that believes he is not good and not smart to a very proud child. He tells me all about Mr. Wilson and what they have done every day, he now paints and does all kinds of art work at home and most important he is distracted from the negative thoughts that have sometimes plagued him. Mr. Wilson was recently out on vacation and Oliver was counting the days down each night until his return. I am so thankful to this great team who have impacted my son’s life so positively that he now loves going to the Boys and Girls Club and leaves me each day with a smile instead of being pulled away from me screaming. It is my hope that your team stay together and continue to impact not just my son but all the other children attending the program now and into the future.” – Nicola, Club parent