The Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County wants you to be a part of its Making Great Futures Program. We believe volunteers are important. They, the volunteers, make the futures of our members possible. Thus, those that volunteer,are called Future Makers.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County is looking for individuals and groups that want to make a positive impact and an enriching experience for our members.

Remember, no task is too small, nor unimportant.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” –Sherry Anderson

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Artist Extraordinaire- provide opportunities for our members to create masterpieces.

  • Entertainment Liaison- teach dance, singing, theater, music, etc.

  • Movement Coach- assist in physical activities, sports, and games.

  • Tutor- assist members with afterschool work.

  • Greeter- provide assistance for the arrival and departure of all members, volunteers, parents, and guests.

  • Future Maker- general volunteering, provide assistance where needed in any of the departments.

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