Home Depot Repaints Gym & Improves Outdoor Area at Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach


The Home Depot team lent a helping hand to the Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach on Thursday, December 15. Over 25 local Home Depot volunteers came together to repaint the Club’s indoor gym and enhance the outdoor area. The team of volunteers sanded, patched, and primed the gym walls and ceilings before beginning the job of repainting the entire area in a fresh light blue color. The Home Depot team also donated brand-new outdoor furniture;  picnic tables, a couch, chairs, and a gazebo filled the outdoor courtyard area for members to be able to enjoy time outside. Working hand-in-hand, the team of volunteers transformed the space in a single day!

“It was great to see such a large group of volunteers working together on a project of this scale,” said Jillian Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator for Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County. ” Even though the work was hard and tiresome, there was a strong sense of solidarity and a genuine  feeling of happiness among the volunteers to see the makeover completed.”


Adding a fresh coat of paint to any space makes a huge difference. Not only will the fresh paint bring a new vibrancy to the gym, but it will also provide a stimulating and inviting space for the kids to explore, learn, and create memories. The addition of the outdoor furniture will help create a positive atmosphere for work and play at the Club. Whether the Club members are working on homework or just hanging out, the outdoor furniture will provide a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air.


“This project was a necessity for the Club,” Bennie Drain, Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach Executive Club Director stated. “It is vitally important that these kids have a clean and secure spot to go to once the school day is over. I can’t thank the Home Depot volunteers enough for devoting the day to improving our Club.”

The efforts and dedication of the Home Depot volunteers left an everlasting impact on Club members and staff. The children at Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach now have  incredible, welcoming spaces to enjoy playing games, exploring their imaginations, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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