Local Sprouts Employees Refresh Florence De George’s Club Garden

Fourteen local Sprouts employees participated in Sprouts Day of Service at the Florence De George Boys & Girls Club in West Palm Beach, Fla on November 5. The volunteers, along with Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County staff spent the morning prepping the Club garden for a new growing season. The soil beds  were refreshed and vegetables were planted to help teach Club members about the importance of organic foods and healthy diets.

This two-year partnership with Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation has allowed Boys & Girls Club members to see firsthand the importance of organic foods and maintaining a healthy diet. Gardening allows the Club members to gain a sense of responsibility and purpose, by ensuring the plants get enough sun,  water, fertilizer, and nurturing care. Not only will the Club members be able to see how vegetables grow and develop, but they also will get to taste and experiment with preparing the vegetables grown in their Club garden, making it an exciting and rewarding experience.

“We are so thankful to the 14 Sprouts employees that spent their Saturday refreshing our Florence De George Club garden,” said Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County Marketing Manager, Grace Madden. “It is so crucial that our Club members learn the importance of healthy food  and this partnership allows them to see it firsthand.”

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