AMPlified Paper Places | Gallery Opening

Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach members took a trip to the Florida Atlantic University Galleries to see their artworks on display in the AMPlified Paper Places spring gallery opening. During this semester-long program, members gain hands-on experience in the complete artistic process of painting while learning about concepts such as space, shape, color, and texture. Members’ artwork will be on display thru June 30th at the Schmidt Center Gallery Public Space located on the Boca Raton Campus of Florida Atlantic University.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The Art Mentorship Program or AMP provides arts education services to our members in an engaging after-school atmosphere. Undergraduate Florida Atlantic University students connect without club members while helping them embrace their creativity and new artistic skills. AMP also combines the visual arts with other disciplines such as science, language arts, music, and math through hands-on projects. Members while visiting the University Galleries were also given a Boca Raton campus tour exposing them to more contemporary art around the university and various aspects of college life.

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