Clubs launch rockets instead of fireworks for 4th of July

Never wasting an opportunity to teach and excite Club members about potential careers, Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County launched six STEM rockets to kick off 4th of July festivities. Due to COVID safeguards, the launches were broadcasted live on the internet so that summer camp participants and Club members at home could see and participate.

“We want to get kids excited about science, technology and math. NASA is going to Mars in just eight years, and we want

our Club members to know that they could be a part of it by pursuing a career in science,” said Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County’s Director of Technology Programs Dennis Young.

Six rockets, standing one foot tall, shot 150 feet into the air at Dyer Park in West Palm Beach on Thursday. More than 700 children saw the launches live while attending summer camp, and several hundred more watched from home.